If you follow us on Instagram, first of all, that’s what’s up. Thank you! You may have seen a reel we re-shared recently that had us cackling: an architect’s love language. That love language is, of course, “touch.”

Here’s the reel/TikTok for those who missed it.

That silly little video hit home, especially for our Principal Architect, Arianna. And in this line of work, we’ve all been around enough architects to know how real that video is. Architects just see everyday things differently – and that’s why good ones are so unique!

At Bishop + Ivy, we are lucky to have a great one. Arianna is at the top of her game and, for better or worse, always thinking about architecture and design. This obsession-turned-career has led Arianna to amazing places here in Dallas (and abroad – more on our trip to Denmark coming soon!), including The Ambassador Hotel, Old Dallas High School, 1400 Pacific, and the Mayflower.

Our mission is simple: design spaces that inspire. And with Arianna’s dedication to the architect’s love language, paired with Stephané’s interior designing chops, we think we make a pretty darn good team.

If you want to talk about a residential, commercial, or historical preservation project in the Dallas area (and if you want the best team available on it), give us a shout!

Thanks for the love, y’all.

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