Ah, tax day. The one day of the year when 90% of the population is stressed for the same reason, realizing they forgot to file taxes months ago as planned, and have to do it tonight before the clock runs out!

As entrepreneurs running our small business, we understand the frustration with taxes, payroll, and everything else financial. Like many others in our position, we are not necessarily the most financially literate folks. But that’s why we lean on a team to help us get everything done right!

For instance, we work with a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to handle taxes and payroll. These are things CPAs are professionally trained to do, so why not call on an expert to ensure everything is done correctly?

Whether you are filing taxes yourself online (shout-out to the new government program that makes filing taxes online FREE in several states, including Texas!), going through a CPA, or handling it old-school (by hand – good for you!), we hope you make it through today and tonight unscathed. You’ll get to heave a huge sigh of relief when it’s all done and, hopefully, start waiting on that refund check.

At Bishop + Ivy, we prioritize teamwork. On Tax Day and every day, our team collaborates to provide you with the best service and the highest level of expertise for your architecture, interior design, and renovation projects. Without that team effort, we would be nowhere!

Give us a call if you have a residential, commercial, or historical renovation project in the Dallas area. We would love to work with you!

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